Questions about Electric Heaters, Safety Deposit Boxes and Cleaning Acrylic Showers

Ask Liz: 11/07/08

Electric Heaters

Q: Is it cost effective to use a small electric heater in one room, where she spends several hours, rather than heat her entire house?

A: We took your question to the Alliance to Save Energy.  He says yes, but you should consider other factors such big is your house?

Overall, it is more cost effective to use a small electric heater. When heating your home, think of the three things that need the heat the most instead of individual rooms. One being people.  The second being pets. And the third being plants.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Q: Is it possible to obtain items from your safety deposit box when a bank goes out of business?

A: We went to Jay Rosenstein at the FDIC Office of Public Affairs. He said that if a bank shuts its doors for good, the FDIC would send a letter informing you of the closure.  The letter will also tell you how and when you can remove items from your safety deposit box. Normally, you can access your safety deposit box the next business day after the bank officially closes down for good.

Cleaning Acrylic Showers

Q: What  will clean the green stain on his acrylic shower that was created by his copper shower head.

A: We took your question to Clarke Products Inc., makers of bath products.  The best thing to use is the product "Lime-Away."  Clarke warns against using "Ajax" or a nylon bristle brush since those will damage the acrylic.

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