Quantico Businesses Struggle Under Heightened Security

The tension between the U.S. and Iran has tightened security at area military bases.

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A restaurant in Quantico, Virginia, says tensions with Iran are leading to empty dining rooms.

It's taking much longer to get through the gate and into the small town of Quantico, and that’s created a problem for local businesses such as Sam's Inn Restaurant.

Jack Quar and his family have been in Quantico for 47 years and run the bar and grill. It's technically not on the Marine Corps base but in Prince William County town of Quantico — affectionately known as Q Town.

"Q Town is an area where a lot of us come for lunch," restaurant customer Elizabeth Shaner said.

The area has small restaurants and shops, many of them locally owned.

Anyone is welcome into Q Town, though visitors must pass through the base security checkpoint.

Quar says his business counts on that. But this week, people stopped coming.

Since the U.S. military carried out the President’s order to kill Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the base security has tightened. Long lines are forming at the security checkpoints.

Personnel check the ID of each person entering Quantico one vehicle at a time.

One woman who works in Quantico said it took her three hours to get to work.

Quar says the security is necessary, but it’s scaring away business.

"You worry that if it’s slow, how do you make the next mortgage payment? How do you pay for your kids, ya know?”

Business owners worry that if the Middle East conflict worsens — so will their ability to run local businesses.

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