Purse Stolen From Car After Crash in Woodbridge

A woman injured in a Saturday morning car collision in Prince William County, Virginia, wound up a robbery victim as well, according to police.

A Woodbridge woman was fading in and out of consciousness after the three-car wreck on Dumfries Road near Fortuna Shopping Center. A witness saw a man walk up to her crushed car and remove a black bag. According to police, the victim’s wallet was inside.

The victim didn't realize her purse was gone until she was in an ambulance.

“When we were on scene, units tried to locate the purse,” Officer Nathan Probus said. “She told us it was in the vehicle. We weren’t able to find it.”

While the victim was taken to a hospital, someone went shopping at several stores with her credit card, police said.

At the hospital, the woman tracked the card's activity online.

“We were contacted by the victim that her credit cards had been used at multiple locations within Woodbridge,” Probus said.

Police immediately requested surveillance images and the witness from the scene of the accident identified the man who took the bag from the wrecked car.

Hours after the crash, police also detected another of the victim’s credit cards being used by another man.

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