Puppy Loses Leg After Severe Abuse

Three pups recovering from injuries

Iris is an irresistibly cute rottweiler puppy with a great personality. But these days, she’s hopping around on only three legs.

Veterinarians at the Washington Animal Rescue League had to amputate her front left leg because of severe injuries caused by abuse.

Little Iris is one of three puppies rescued two weeks ago after D.C. police responded to a domestic call.

"This little girl had a rubber band tied around her leg for probably weeks or longer than that," said Gary Weitzman, CEO of Washington Animal Rescue League. "It’s hard to think about, but she ended up losing the leg because of it."

The other two puppies had collars drawn so tightly around their necks that the collars were embedded in their flesh, creating horrible neck wounds. Thankfully, all three dogs survived their horrible injuries.

Meanwhile, the Washington Humane Society is working on several leads in the case.

"We’re still hoping to find who was responsible for putting items on the animals’ legs and necks," said Scott Giacoppo, the Humane Society’s Vice President of External Affairs.

Thankfully, two of the puppies already have new homes. Firefighters at the Hyattsville, Md., fire station have adopted one pooch after losing their own firehouse dog to cancer. Another was taken in by a family in Maryland.

Iris should be healthy enough for adoption next week.

Meanwhile, the person responsible could face felony charges of animal cruelty, which could carry a penalty of up to five years in jail.

Anyone with information on the investigation or who wants to contribute to a reward fund can call or donate to the Washington Humane Society.

Those wishing to contribute to the puppies’ medical care and adoption can send contributions to the Washington Animal Rescue League.

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