Proud Boys

Proud Boys Leader Denied Early Release From DC Jail

Enrique Tarrio argued for home detention because of conditions at the jail

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A leader of the far-right Proud Boys group will remain in the D.C. jail after a judge shot down his request to be transferred to home detention.

Enrique Tarrio is serving a five-month sentence for stealing and burning a Black Lives Matter banner from a D.C. church in December. The incident occurred amid a series of violent demonstrations and protests.

Tarrio pleaded guilty and has been serving his time in the D.C. jail’s central detention facility, where U.S. marshals recently conducted an inspection and reported substandard conditions, including standing sewage, water problems and some retaliation against inmates by staff.

Tarrio cited those findings, arguing he should be transferred to home confinement. He said his cell is among those recently flooded by sewage.

The judge rejected the request, saying Tarrio didn’t prove any “extraordinary and compelling reasons” he deserves release any more than other inmates there or that he’s uniquely vulnerable inside the jail. The judge also noted the jail has been the source of complaints for many years.

Tarrio’s arrest occurred just weeks before the U.S. Capitol insurrection for which several other Proud Boys stand charged. Some of them are also in the D.C. jail, but the Jan. 6defendants are in a newer section of the jail that was not deemed to be substandard by federal marshals.

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