Ferguson Protesters Snarl D.C. Traffic; 14th Street Bridge Reopens

Protesters block traffic for second day, this time during rush hour

Protesters blocked D.C. traffic during a busy post-holiday rush hour to protest a Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury's decision not to charge police officer Darren Wilson with shooting and killing unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The group of about 20 people formed a human chain across the 14th Street Bridge at D Street NW Monday, shutting the bridge down at the heart of rush hour. Police stood by, giving the protesters time to peacefully share their message.

After staging a die-in, the group moved on, shutting down traffic at the 12th Street Tunnel. The rolling closures continued through Downtown to 7th Street NW and Constitution Avenue.

The rally broke up around Chinatown, News4's Molette Green reported. No arrests were made.

A few dozen protesters staged another die-in outside the Department of Justice Monday afternoon, News4's Mark Segraves reported. More demonstrations at Justice are planned for every Monday over the next several months. 

Ferguson Protesters Block 14th St. Bridge in D.C.

Then Monday evening, Code Pink, which is known for its anti-war protests, staged another demonstration outside Justice.

About 1 p.m. at Howard University, about a dozen students left class to attend a discussion on knowing your rights.

After last week's grand jury decision, D.C. protesters demonstrated peacefully. Monday marked the second day protesters have blocked traffic in the city. On Sunday, they blocked the Southeast/Southwest Freeway near the 3rd Street tunnel, stalling traffic along Interstate 395.

Metropolitan Police said about three dozen demonstrators moved into the road around 12:45 p.m. Sunday, and were advised to move. All but eight moved out of the way. Police said those eight requested to be arrested and were taken into custody. They were charged with blocking passage after being told to move.

Later Sunday, the group #DCFerguson called those protesters an "independent group," but connected the protesters to a weekend of protests in and around D.C. that targeted major commercial corridors.

The #DCFerguson group protested downtown last Tuesday, and in front of the Walmart on H Street Friday -- in that case, to make a statement about low-wage work and its connection to the criminal justice system, #DCFerguson said in a statement. They also protested in Georgetown Saturday.

During Sunday's protest, News4 traffic maps showed traffic backed up for a significant distance.

For the second time this weekend, protesters in the D.C. area took to the streets to make their voices heard over the ruling in Ferguson, Missouri.
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