Proposed Bill Would Rein in Pepco Tree-Trimming

Tree-trimming top complaint in Montgomery County

Pepco Tree Cutting Audubon Chevy Chase

In attempts to improve its service, Pepco has undertaken an ambitious tree-trimming program in Montgomery County. Some, however, believe Pepco may have set its sights a little too high.

County council president Roger Berliner said Pepco's tree-trimming efforts are a top resident complaint in the area. He said there is a lot of confusion over what rights private property owners have regarding trees on their land that Pepco wants to trim.

Berliner and a colleague will introduce a bill to deal with that situation Tuesday morning.

"[Residents] will be informed when Pepco knocks on their door and says 'We want to do X, Y or Z to a tree on your property,'" Berliner said. "They will be told what their rights are in respect to that, which includes saying no."

But the bill also includes a change that would benefit Pepco. If an independent investigation determines that a tree on private property poses a "public nuisance" to utility lines, it could be cut regardless of protests from the property owner.

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