Proposed Bill Would Impose Jail Time for Parents Hosting Teen Drinking Parties

Patrick McMullan

Two fathers who lost their sons to a drunk driving accident last summer want parents who host teen drinking parties to face possible jail time, WTOP reports

Paul Li and David Murk testified before lawmakers in Annapolis on Wednesday. Their sons, Calvin Jia-Xing Li and Alexander Murk, died last June when their 19-year-old friend lost control on his car on a North Potomac, Maryland, road. The young men and a 16-year-old boy had just left a party at Kenneth Saltzman's home, where police said they had been drinking.

Saltzman was later fined paid $5,000 for furnishing alcohol to minors, but Paul Li and David Murk think the penalty for providing alcohol to minors should be much stricter. The men asked lawmakers Wednesday to enact a bill that would impose possible jail time, according to WTOP.

Under "Alex and Calvin's Bill", parents would face up to one year in jail for their first offense and two years for a second offense. 

The bill received a favorable vote from the Senate committee and will now move foward. 

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