Proposal to Develop U.Md. Golf Course Draws Opposition

University of Maryland Golf Course

Developers want to build condos at the site of the University of Maryland golf course, a plan that doesn’t sit well with some local golfers.

Dion Jordan makes the trip to the course from D.C. twice a week so his son can learn the game. Maryland senior Phillip Fiore said the course is a big part of his college experience. Both would hate to see their beloved course shut down.

In a July 8 letter to developer Greenberg Gibbons acknowledging a proposal to develop the 150-acre, 18-hole course, school President Wallace Loh mentions an unsolicited proposal to “improve transportation connections to the campus and to repurpose some of the university’s golf course.”

Supporters of the development contend it will ease traffic concerns, creating a direct pipeline to the university and a way to bypass Route 1. Opponents say it’s all about money. Maryland can’t sell the land, but it could lease it.

Some agree the development is needed, but not at the expense of their golf course.

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