Program Credited for Drastically Reducing 911 Calls in Prince George's County

Robin Dickerson says she felt helpless after having two knee replacements.

"I felt like my life had been taken away," Dickerson said.

Dickerson, who lives in Clinton, Maryland, said her insurance company wouldn't cover the cost of a nurse's aide after she came home from the hospital.

She called 911 services 15 times in one month because she had no one to help her when she fell down or needed help getting up her front steps when her husband was at work.

Now, Dickerson is getting help from a new program in Prince George's County called Mobile Integrated Healthcare, which helps residents who rely on the 911 system as their primary means of healthcare.

Prince George's County Fire Official Kenneth Hickey said Dickerson is one of 38 people who have repeatedly called 911 and are now getting help through the program.

"Some people call for stubbed toes," Hickey said.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare is credited for reducing 911 calls in the county more than 60 percent compared to this time last year.

It links Prince George's County residents with nurses from Washington Adventist Hospital who can check on the residents' health needs.

"Let's say you've called 911, 10 times for chest pains in the last year. A nurse and a paramedic would schedule you an appointment," Hickey said.

Dickerson said she is grateful the program is currently working to find her a nurse.

"Thank you. I love you. You know, it's a great thing that they're doing," she said.

For more information about Mobile Integrated Healthcare, visit here.

D.C. and Montgomery County have similar programs.

D.C. Fire Department's Sreet Calls program: Go to or call (202) 673-3320.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service: Visit here for more information.

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