Pro-Abortion-Rights Protester Slept on Frederick Douglass Bridge

The protester climbed the bridge after the Supreme Court announced its decision overturning Roe v. Wade

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A pro-abortion-rights protestor who scaled D.C.'s Frederick Douglass Bridge on Friday slept atop the bridge and was taken into custody on Saturday, officials say.

The man scaled the bridge in protest of the Supreme Court's decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The protester, who is Guido Reichstadter on Twitter, climbed down from the bridge Saturday afternoon. He was in police custody with charges pending and was being treated by DC Fire & EMS.

On Twitter, Reichstadter said he climbed the bridge to call on Congress to protect abortion access under federal law.

He was seen on top of one of the bridge's arches flying a green banner and waving a yellow flag that read "Don't tread on my uterus," with an illustration of the organ, shortly after the justices announced their decision.

Reichstadter began documenting his protest on Twitter starting Friday morning. In earlier messages, he said that he was protesting because he couldn't watch the rights of his daughter be stripped away.

Authorities shut down the bridge later Friday and inflated a large air cushion on the roadway in case he fell. As of Saturday afternoon, the traffic closure had lifted and police activity has cleared on South Capitol Street.

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