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Principal Challenges Students to Stay Off Screens for $100

The principal said she's worried that students are spending too much time with screens

A charter school principal in Washington might be out $16,000 after she issued a challenge to students: no screens for 11 days of summer.

Washington Latin Public Charter School Principal Diana Smith told local outlets that rising eighth and ninth graders can each earn $100 if they forego electronics every Tuesday during summer vacation.

Smith, who says she will pay out of her own pocket, says she's concerned that students are spending too much time with screens and thus are suffering a loss of sleep.

She says the challenge encompasses all electronics, including television, video games and cellphones.

Students must have two adults over the age of 21 certify their screen-free time.

Although 160 students are eligible for the reward, Smith says she doesn't anticipate more than 50 students completing the challenge.

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