Prince William Student Bullied, Attacked

A Prince William Co. mom says she's worried about sending her daughter back to school after a violent bullying attack.

The mom adds that she started sounding the alarm several weeks ago, telling school staffers her daughter was being threatened on social media and at school.

"After this happens I can't just walk away and say its going to be fine, and just send her back to school," said Sarah Sackett, the girl's mother.

The student is a 7th grader at Lake Ridge Middle School. She was only a block from the school last Wednesday when a girl who had been shouting taunts at her reportedly confronted her and punched her.

The victim's mom says when her daughter grabbed the girl, two other girls jumped on top of her. One of the victim's friends called 911 and the attackers fled.

Sackett said other students, who'd been told there would be a fight, captured video of the fight on their phones.

The victim is now in a neck brace because of an injury she received. And she's been home from school for three days, because her mother fears her attackers might still be in class.

"My daughter is still at home because I won't be sending her back until I"m sure the situation is taken care of," Sackett said.

She had documented her concerns about bullying in an email to school officials.

"I was assured by the counselor and vice principal that if they were going to do this they would have already done it," she said.

Now Sackett just wants school officials to tell her if its safe for her daughter to return to school.

The schools district's communications director says he's barred from discussing individual students.

School officials also say Conferences are planned this week with all the parents involved. Phil Kavits says there will be quote "further resolution of the issue at that time".

He added, "They have taken this very seriously and the principal is very confident the girl is coming into a safe school environment."

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