National Harbor

Prince George's Police Break Up Teen Party at National Harbor

Police outside the Hampton Inn at National Harbor

Prince George’s County police broke up a party of teens at a hotel at National Harbor Friday evening.

Police confirmed they were called to the Hampton Inn hotel in the 200 block of Waterfront Street for the report of a disorderly party inside the hotel.

Several underage people were attending the gathering, which became unruly, police said.

Police called the teens’ parents and released them. It’s unclear if any arrests were made.

Last week, Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks addressed this issue, saying they have an ongoing problem of teens gathering in National Harbor hotel rooms to party on weekends.

Alsobrooks said some parents rent out hotel rooms and leave their kids unaccompanied so they can throw these parties.

Restaurant owners have complained to county officials about teens overtaking their businesses, refusing to pay for food and getting into fights.

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