Prince George’s County Police Department

Prince George's Officer Uses Music to Help Man with Autism

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A Prince George's County police officer received a call to help a man with autism and he responded with the power of music.

Officer Christian Payamps diffused a tense situation by jamming with the 23-year-old on Sunday. The man's mother thanked the officer.

“I thank him for his kindness and his ability to diffuse a potentially psychotic episode," Sharon Vollin said about her son, Kameron.

Vollin, of Landover, Maryland, called police to request assistance with her son, who has autism and was diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

"Her son was having a bad day. Her son was visibly agitated, feeling a little irritable," Payamps recalled.

When he arrived, he saw musical instruments and asked Kameron about them. Kameron started to play the acoustic guitar. Soon, Payamps joined him on the bass.

“I felt like it was something that could contribute to the greater good,” Payamps said.

Vollin recorded video of the encounter on her cellphone and said she was grateful.

Payamps said it was he who was lucky.

“I am the lucky one to be in this situation, to be in the greatness that her son possesses," he said.

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