Trash Piles up at Maryland Apartment Complex After Dumpsters Removed: Residents

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Residents of a Maryland apartment complex say its trash dumpsters were removed and trash is piling up in their place.

Residents of The Gallery on New Hampshire in Adelphi say the smell is awful.

“It doesn’t feel good,” Alexia Guevara said. “It doesn’t feel good for the children that are here.”

A spokesperson for Drucker and Falk, the management company, said the dumpsters were removed because outside contractors in other communities were illegally dumping in them. He said people are supposed to place trash in bins outside their apartments, and Valet Trash & Recycling Service confirmed it’s are scheduled to remove the trash five nights a week.

A spokesperson for Valet Trash & Recycling Service said they began servicing the community three weeks ago, adding, “We are working with the community to resolve the overabundance of trash on the nights that we do not service.” They also said they don’t collect the trash from the outdoor areas, only inside the building.

But some residents said the garbage still piles up where the dumpsters no longer exist.

Drucker and Falk said they will bring the dumpsters back and fix the problem.

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