Gas Leaks from Large Tank in Maryland Van; Police Warn Against Panic Buying

Police are investigating the circumstances around the leak

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A van found with a 200-gallon tank leaking gasoline in Prince George’s County has prompted authorities to warn residents against panic buying fuel.

The Prince George’s Fire Department responded to the 8500 block of Landover Road in Landover, Maryland, about 9 a.m. Saturday for a hazardous materials investigation, Prince George’s police said.

Authorities found a passenger van leaking gas from the cargo area. The gas was coming from one of two large tanks in the van, police said.

Video shows the fuel spilled out of the van and spread over the pavement towards other parked cars.

No driver was with the van, authorities said. Crews are cleaning up the spill.

No injuries were reported. Authorities are investigating the circumstances of the case.

Authorities didn't say why the truck was carrying the tanks of fuel.

But since many people stocked up on extra fuel after the Colonial Pipeline hack disrupted fuel deliveries to the East Coast, police warned against panic buying gas and storing it improperly.

“Remember ‘panic buying’ gasoline is unsafe. It can lead to poor decisions & dangerous outcomes,” police said. Authorities suggest following the manufacturer’s instructions on any fuel storage container.

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