District Heights

District Heights Installs Guardrail After Fatal Crash

Six crashes reported on Elmhurst Street over past few years

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The city of District Heights, Maryland, installed a new guardrail along Elmhurst Street after a fatal crash last month.

Homeowner Sam Wilson has been asking the city to make the street safer.

“Until this happened without a guardrail, if I take the trash or something out, I’m looking, I’m looking for speeders,” he said.

Over the past few years, six vehicles have crashed into his side yard. His fence shows the patchwork of damage left behind.

After last month's crash that killed Anthony Beverly Sr., Wlison once again begged the city for action.

“I asked them to put a guardrail over here like this,” Wilson said. “They said it's not in the budget. So, I asked them, I say, ‘Is a guardrail worth people's life?’”

On Thursday, the city installed a guardrail.

“They came through with it, but my thing of it is, why did it take so long?” Wilson said.

District Heights Mayor Cynthia Miller said the city was waiting for a traffic study to show the rail was necessary.

“As soon as I was aware of the issue, we literally voted on putting the guardrail up on Tuesday,” she said. “And literally, probably the next day or so, here it is. So, when I was made aware of it, we took action.”

The city also added a speed monitor, but Wilson said drivers are still speeding.

“Hopefully, this will stay here a long time without anybody tearing it up or doing harm to it,” Wilson said.

Wilson said now that the guardrail is in, he would like to see the city add some speed humps to the road.

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