Carjackers Steal Two Cars in Greenbelt, Maryland, Within an Hour of Each Other


Back-to-back armed carjackings were reported in Greenbelt, Maryland, Wednesday night, and police say the crimes are connected.

One resident said she was worried about her safety after the incidents. One of them happened in her apartment complex parking lot.

"It’s very concerning," she said. "I am a woman; I have a small child. And I'm always thinking about, how can I protect myself? And why should I have to think about that in my neighborhood?"

The crimes happened within an hour of each other, about a mile and a half apart.

One carjacking occurred on Hanover Parkway; a food delivery driver was the victim. His car was found not far from where it was taken at gunpoint.

On Westway Road, an Amazon delivery driver was carjacked just before 9 p.m. Wednesday. The victim's car was recovered by police, thanks to a tracking app.

Police say you’ve got to be aware of your surroundings, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. They say tracking devices and apps or even an Apple AirTag location tracker can help detectives find your car if it’s stolen.

"We are really urging individuals, if they are working in Greenbelt as some sort of delivery driver, to have some sort of tracking system for their vehicle," Greenbelt police public information officer Hannah Glasgow said.

Police have connected the two carjackings, but no suspects have been identified. They’re asking residents to check their cameras for video of the crimes.

The suspects were wearing all-black clothing and face masks, and the crimes were committed at night, making it hard to get a good description.

But with both cars being processed for evidence, detectives are hoping they’ll find something that will lead them to the carjackers.

There have been nine carjackings in Greenbelt this year so far, and 18 in all of last year. Carjackings are up 63% in Prince George’s County year over year.

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