About 4K Prince George's County Public Schools Students Still Are Not Immunized

More than a month after the start of the school year, an estimated 4,000 students in Prince George's County Public Schools still have not received current immunizations. 

Students who are not properly immunized are not allowed to attend school, per state law. The law requires that all 134,000 students receive vaccinations within the first 20 days of school.

As of Thursday, no students had been excluded from school, a school district representative said. 

Prince George's County is not the only Maryland county that fell short this school year. Charles and Montgomery counties also had students not in compliance. As of Thursday, 50 students in Charles County and 12 students in Montgomery County had not been immunized. 

Required immunizations help control deadly diseases.

The school system and the county’s department of health are offering free clinics to get kids vaccinated. Those are available at: 

  • Bladensburg High School 
  • Oxon Hill High School 
  • Fairmont High School 
  • North Western High School
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