Prince George's County Tries to Attract Filmmakers

A new film office in Prince George’s County is spotlighting all that the county has to offer to entice moviemakers to shoot there.

“We have award-winning producers, technicians, screenwriters that are right here in Prince George’s County,” Prince George’s County Film Commission Director Rhonda Dallas said.

The film office in Hyattsville is just a three-person operation for now, but with Emmy-nominated productions like House of Cards and “The Wire” turning Baltimore into a hotbed, Prince George’s is laying the foundation to become a player in the film industry.

“Anything that’s happening successfully in Baltimore, ultimately we will benefit as well as more companies look at the region for potential screening opportunities

Place like the University of Maryland and National Harbor are fertile ground for shooting, according to Kimberly Skyrme, who cast talent for “House of Cards.”

“If you’re showcasing what is here and if there are neighborhoods that can double as Washington, D.C., as well as double the countryside of Virginia or Connecticut, you’re just creating an opportunity that will allow producers looking at the area to know that I can come here and it can be more things than just Maryland,” she said.

The goal is to market places like the new arts district in Hyattsville to filmmakers as well as homebuyers.

“This is an opportunity for me to work right here at home, so I’m developing a documentary on Negro sandlot baseball in Prince George’s County,” Bundy Films CEO Brian Bullock said.

In addition to showcasing Prince George’s, the county is offering tax incentives to filmmakers.

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