Prince George’s County Teens on Edge After Recent Student Deaths

For the second time in three weeks, Prince George's County is dealing with the slaying of a high school student.

Both crimes remain unsolved and are weighing heavily on the minds of high school students.

Central High School junior Marckel Ross, 18, was gunned down Tuesday morning as he walked to school. Flowers High School senior Amber Stanley, 17, was shot and killed as she slept in her own bed in Kettering, Md., Aug. 22.

Investigators have no evidence that the homicides are connected and no evidence that the victims knew each other, and the fact that both were involved in modeling appears to be a coincidence.

But the homicides have other teenagers on edge. Extra police were at Central High Wednesday, where some students wore RIP buttons in honor of Marckel.

“Stuff is happening here at Central, stuff is happening at Flowers, all over,” said Johnny Thomas, a friend of Marckel. “And it just makes each one of us think, OK, am I going to be the next person at this school or that school to die?’”

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