Prince George's County Public Schools Begin to Vaccinate Employees

However, there’s still apprehension among some employees about getting the vaccine. 

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The Prince George’s County Public Schools system began a massive effort Saturday to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to its 22,000 employees.  

“Once we’re safe, we’ll have the opportunity to make sure that we support our students and our families in the delivery of instruction,” Dr. Monica Goldson, the CEO of Prince George’s County Public Schools, said. 

The first 1,400 doses were by appointment only, and only for those who live or work in the county. 

There are still some other criteria to be met before there’s a return to in-person learning, or a mix of in-person and online learning, like the number of new cases in the community and other infection factors.

“By mid-February I’ll have a better idea of where we are,” Goldson said. 

The governor has set a date of March 1st for parents to have the option of in-person or continued online learning.

“The governor does not have the right to do that. I think he’s wrong and I think that Dr. Goldson is doing the right job and we’re gonna stand behind her,” Theresa Dudley, the president of the county teachers’ union, said.    

Dudley said the decision should be driven by science and the numbers, not the calendar.

“We’re gonna do our best to find ways to support our families and not be completely out of compliance,” Goldson said. 

“I’m excited. I don’t want to go back in March if it’s not safe, but I want to be safe so I’m taking the vaccine,” Mariyln Blackwell, a PGCPS employee, said. 

Still, there’s apprehension among some people about getting the vaccine. 

“That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to check with their physician. Because what’s worse, getting the vaccine or dying from Covid?” Dudley said.

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