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Prince George's County Barber Retires After Nearly 60 Years

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For many men, the barbershop is much more than a place to get a haircut — and that’s no exception at Kent Village Barbershop, thanks to Mr. Lloyd.

He’s been a barber and staple in the community for more than half a century.

But on Tuesday, Mr. Lloyd officially retired, surrounded by friends and family.

“The pandemic had a lot to do with it,” Lloyd said. “I’m 77 years old and I don’t need to keep exposing myself to this virus. It’s been a good 58 years and I just think it’s time to go.”

Over the years Mr. Lloyd has had famous clients, including Congressman Anthony Brown and former NBA All-Star Adrian Dantley.

His everyday regulars say while they love the haircuts, it’s Mr. Lloyd’s advice and counsel they’ve benefited from most.

“From a young man to an old man, he has coached me, he has mentored me,” said Stephen Neal, a customer for 35 years.

“Being respectful is absolutely essential in his barbershop,” said Joe Woods, a customer for 25 years.

When Mr. Lloyd first became a barber back in the 60s, a haircut cost $1.50. Today, it’s about $20. But patrons say with Mr. Lloyd, you always get more than your money’s worth.

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