Prince George's Co. Changes Discipline for Texting While Driving School Buses

School bus drivers in a Maryland county could be fired for texting while driving students after cellphone video surfaced of one driver.

That driver, who was recorded by students, still has a job because of a loophole in county policy, but the next driver who gets caught might not be as fortunate.

After News4’s story last week, Prince George’s County Public Schools is adding an amendment to its transportation discipline handbook. Under misuse of a cellphone on a bus, a letter F will be added for texting while driving students. If caught, a driver could be recommended for suspension, demotion or termination.

The handbooks are being reprinted and should be distributed in January. In the meantime, the new language has been distributed to bus drivers so they all are aware of it.

The bus driver from that cellphone video was disciplined, but that discipline is confidential, and she is still an employee with the school system and will be driving buses again.

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