Prince George’s Corporal Will Bike Into World Police and Fire Games

A corporal and his bike headed into the World Police and Fire Games, which kick off Friday in Fairfax County.

Prince George's County Corporal James Fournier developed his passion for mountain biking after having to fight some weight and high blood pressure issues eight years ago.

"I got into some biking," he said. "I took the police mountain bike course which was about a week long. So after a week of riding, I really developed some skills."

After more than 20 years of military and police service, Fournier will participate in the road race and mountain bike events at the games this year.

Fournier hits the trails on an eight- to 10-mile loop twice a week and says his training and passion fuel his fire to compete.

"My goal is to just give it the best. If i can get something on the top end of it, then that's great. If not, I did my best," he said.

Even Fournier’s son competes nationally, after he introduced his son to the sport.

"I used to ride with him, telling him to pick up his pace and he'd say, 'Aw, Dad.' And now, he's yelling at me, 'Come on, Dad, pick up your pace,'" he said.

The World Police and Fire Games will bring 12,000 competitors from 70 different countries.

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