Pregnant Bicyclist Randomly Stabbed Near Congressional Cemetery

A pregnant woman says she’s changing the way she lives after being stabbed in southeast D.C. Tuesday.

About 5 p.m. the 33-year-old was biking home on 17th Street when a man attacked her with a knife as she crossed Barnaby Circle.

“A gentleman came after me, and I tried to get around him, and then he ran at me and stabbed me,” the victim said.

She maneuvered around the man and up 17th Street along Congressional Cemetery until she was a safe distance away before calling 911.

“I probably no longer will be biking to work and I will just try to be more aware of my surroundings,” the victim said.

The victim, who is seven months pregnant, just moved to the area a few weeks ago.

“It makes it a little harder for me to be comfortable,” she said.

She said she does not have any idea why the man attacked her.

“I’m just glad I’m safe and I’m grateful for all the wonderful police here,” she said.

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