Prank Email About Condoms Sent to Sidwell Parents

Prank email said students will get "their choice of contraception"

The private school that President Obama's daughters attend is debunking a prank email about condoms sent to parents.

Sidwell Friends School says someone sent a message saying condoms would be available in  school bathrooms, at dances and other school functions, the Washingtonian first reported.

The email read in part:

As students board the chartered buses that will transport them from Sidwell Friends to the Four Seasons Hotel, they will each receive a voucher that may be redeemed for their choice of contraception at the conclusion of the Prom and After-Party event.

The email claimed inappropriate sexual behavior was the reason for the condom distribution.

The message went to parents of students at the Upper School, located on Wisconsin Avenue. Another email shortly after addressed it as a prank.

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