Potholepalooza II

Repairing D.C. streets one spot at a time

Potholes are always an issue in a major city, and after this year's record breaking blizzards it seems potholes are everywhere across D.C.

Mayor Adrian Fenty along with DDOT kicked off what they call the second "Potholepalooza" Friday morning in Southeast. Fenty said for the next month they will double and triple the number of trucks on the streets to make repairs.

Fenty praised the efforts of DDOT crews saying, "Even though it's not a permanent solution ... the difference in driving over when we've temporarily filled a pothole and when we've done nothing is dramatic. It makes a huge improvement on your cars."

The mayor said some streets are too damaged for minor cosmetic fixes and will be addressed in the spring and summer.

DDOT Director Gabe Klein said they’ll have 13 crews on the roads instead of the normal four.

"We did a dry run [Thursday] and hit about 110 locations and filled approximately 600 potholes in one day," Klein said.

Klein said if you see potholes in your area, you should report them on the city's Web site, Twitter, Facebook, or even calling 311.

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