Possible Source of Leaks Back in U.S.

Young intelligence officer will be locked up in Quantico

Getty Images

An intelligence officer charged with leaking U.S. military secrets landed in Virginia Friday.

P.F.C. Bradley Manning was flown to Quantico Marine Base this morning from Kuwait. He’ll be held in a military jail there while awaiting trial.

Manning is accused of leaking military documents and secrets to the online whistle-blower WikiLeaks. The 22-year-old was already in a military jail in Kuwait, accused of leaking a classified helicopter cockpit video. The video from 2007 showed a firefight in Baghdad that left two journalists dead.

Now he faces additional suspicion of leaking more than 90,000 documents to WikiLeaks detailing the war in Afghanistan. Those documents are feared to contain the names of Afghan informants who the military says may now be in danger.

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