Possible Smoking Ban for Ocean City Beaches

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The current trend to ban smoking in public places may extend itself Ocean City.

Residents of Ocean City said they have had enough of the poor air quality and would like their local government to do something about it. The issue was first addressed early last August when Ocean City resident David Fox mentioned it at a City Council meeting.

Fox complained that the smoke filled beaches and boardwalk area compromises the resort’s family-friendly image. His thoughts on the smoking ban were similar to those of Councilman Joseph Hall. Hall said he supports a ban and favors a law that would require smokers to light up in designated areas only.

However, not everyone is open to the idea of a smoking ban. After surveying several businesses in the area, Councilwoman Mary Knight discovered that most businesses are against a ban on smoking, fearing that it may hurt their already struggling businesses.

The fate of the smoking ban won’t be decided for at least one more month as city officials have decided to not include it on the October 18 municipal election. However, there will be a hearing soon thereafter to discuss the matter.

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