Possible Hate Crime Vandalism Found in Loudoun County

Police say several cars in Loudoun County were vandalized with images of swastikas this week.

Dozens of other cars and property were also vandalized with paint splatters.

Sterling resident Angela Bowers had assured her friend he could safely park his car outside her home when he traveled out of town recently. But Monday morning she found someone had used black spray paint to draw a crude swastika on the front hood of the vehicle. Bowers said it was a disappointing conclusion to the Thanksgiving holiday.

"It makes it sad after everything's supposed to be happy and family and friends and then you come outside and you see something that could be meant as hurtful and you can take it hurtful and it's kind of how I took it, a little personal," said Bowers.

Environs Road was one of three Sterling blocks hit by vandals over the weekend. Chelmsford Court was targeted late Saturday and early Sunday. Eight vehicles parked along that street were spray-painted, at least one with swastikas.

Damage on Environs Road and Stafford Court was discovered first thing Monday morning. On Stafford Court, a van and three garage doors were tagged.

Casper Klucas quickly painted over the graffiti on his garage. He couldn't make out what was written but investigators think some of the words may have been an attempt at an ethnic slur.

"I tried to see if I could see something into it but I couldn't see anything that would indicate it was something," said Klucas. "Police came back and wanted to know if I was Jewish or something because some of the signs were along that line but I said, ' No I wasn't.'"

Back on Environs Road, another neighbor says finding the graffiti is troubling.

"It is a nuisance filing insurance claims... and around this time with so much going on. But it is unsettling. We feel this is a safe neighborhood and things like this jolt you," said Rachel Acuna.

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