Police Chief To Go Ahead With ‘All Hands on Deck' This Weekend

D.C. police chief Kathy Lanier says she plans to go ahead with her 'All Hands on Deck' policy this weekend, despite a ruling by the Public Employee Relations Board. The program has prompted a battle between police officers and the force's top cop.

Lanier says the department is consulting with the attorney general on whether to appeal a decision by the city's employee relations board.

On Friday, the board ruled that Lanier did not have the authority to change officers' schedules to implement her 'All Hands on Deck' policy for four weekends in 2009.

Lanier says the policy has curbed crime and saved the District millions of dollars in overtime.

She says the ruling only applied to 2009, and says she will go ahead with plans to invoke the policy again this weekend. But the chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police says changing the officers' schedules is a violation of their contracts -- and the board ruled she can't do that.

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