Virginia Man Accused of Posing as CIA Agent to Hide Bigamy

A Virginia man allegedly posed as a CIA agent to hide from one wife the fact that he was with another wife in another part of the state, authorities told News4.

David Jin Lee, 26, of Williamsburg, is married to a sailor based in Norfolk. He allegedly told her he was a CIA agent.

After Lee emailed her asking her to send money, saying he had been captured and tortured by North Korean agents on a mission to China, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service learned he was not with the CIA – and not in China or North Korea, either. He had been staying at a home in the City of Fairfax with a woman the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) believed to be his fiancée.

After agents and City of Fairfax police searched the home and interviewed the family there, they learned Lee also was married to that woman, with whom he fathered a child. A marriage certificate at the Fairfax County Courthouse further proved it, authorities said.

“That means bigamy here in Virginia, and it’s a serious offense,” City of Fairfax police Lt. Craig Buckley said. “It’s a Class 4 felony.”

NCIS investigators took a CIA coin, a gun and items that could have been used to make fake CIA badges from the Fairfax home.

“They did find a laminating machine and several laminating materials that could have been used to manufacture those identification cards, so that was certainly of use,” Buckley said.

Lee was tracked down in Williamsburg and arrested there.

The Fairfax woman and her family have cooperated with police, who consider both women and their families victims.

“It’s not every day that someone will go to these lengths to perpetrate such a fraud or a con against someone, and it seems to be, at least on the surface, pretty sophisticated and has been able to dupe, unfortunately, dupe two young ladies into his fraud, Buckley said.

Neighbors in Fairfax told News4 the couple kept to themselves.

In another bizarre twist to this story, NCIS was able to track Lee to Fairfax because he filed a false police report that something had been stolen from his home.

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