Police Step Up Patrols After Children Followed in Arlington Neighborhood

More police officers are patrolling an Arlington, Virginia, neighborhood after some children reported they were followed by vehicles while walking in the area.

On Jan. 31, an 11-year-old girl was walking near 15th St. North at North Stafford St. when she noticed a red minivan following her, police said. When the girl began walking faster, the van changed speeds to match her pace. After the girl ran to a friend's house, the van drove off.

Two middle school-aged boys were walking near 13th St. North at North Nelson St. on Feb. 2 when they noticed a black sedan following them, police said. The car then made a sharp turn and pulled into a driveway, blocking the boy's path. The boys ran home and the car drove away.

Both incidents happened in the area near Washington-Lee High School, police said.

In both cases, the driver of the car was described as a white man, in his mid-30's with a short beard and dark hair.

Arlington County police said they would like to speak to the man, but at this time, no crime has been committed.

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