Police Search for Man Accused of Harassing Women in Cannon Office Building

Police are searching for a man accused of harassing and intimidating women in the Cannon House Office Building near the U.S. Capitol, including one woman who briefly barricaded herself inside the office of Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV).

Kevin Jordan is charged with assaulting a police officer and disrupting a public building on Friday, April 6, but failed to show for a court appearance. A court has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Police reports obtained by the News-4 I-Team said Jordan was screaming obscenities and “intimidating females on the third floor of the Cannon Building.” The reports said Jordan physically struggled with two officers as they tried to arrest him. The report said Jordan “balled his fists” to threaten the officers and another man standing near a House office suite, “threatening (the officer) in a menacing manner.”

The I-Team has learned a DC judge released Jordan shortly after his arrest with a stay-away order from the Capitol complex. A be-on-the-lookout order has been issued to U.S. Capitol Police about Jordan, according to court filings.

The incident occurred as the House was ending its Spring recess. The Cannon House Office Building is near the U.S. Capitol and is open to the public. Visitors must undergo a screening at a magnetometer to enter the complex. Dozens of U.S. House Members have office suites in the building.

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