Police Search Crittenton’s Home

Police search for firearm

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Police are looking for a gun that may have secretly been removed from the Washington Wizards locker room, TMZ reported.

Law enforcement tells us after Javaris and Gilbert Arenas drew guns on each other during a Christmas Eve standoff, witnesses believe they saw Javaris throw his gun into a laundry basket and someone from the organization wheeled it out.

The Arlington County, Va., Police Department obtained a search warrant Wednesday to search the apartment of Javaris Crittenton, News4's Pat Collins reported.

In addition to a semi-automatic handgun, police looked for accessories like firearm cleaning materials, ammunition, magazines and holsters; electronic or paper documentation of firearm purchase or ownership; and any video or photographs of the resident with a firearm, according to the warrant.

Nothing was seized Thursday.

NBA commissioner David Stern suspended Arenas indefinitely on Jan. 6 after the Wizards' star guard acknowledged keeping guns in his locker at the team's arena, Verizon Center.

Arenas has said he stored the guns in his locker to keep them away from his house and children and he pulled the guns from his locker as a joke.

According to the New York Post, Arenas pulled the guns on Crittenton during a dispute over a gambling debt.

TMZ has reported that Crittenton then may have produced a gun from his locker.

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