Police Release Photo of Suspected Seagull Killer

Police say a man lured seagulls with popcorn then intentionally ran them over, killing all 11 birds

Police in Laurel, Maryland, released photos of a man suspected of luring a flock of seagulls to a shopping center parking lot and mowing them down with a car, killing all 11 birds, police say.

The suspect purposely poured out a bag of popcorn in the parking lot of the Laurel Plaza Shopping Center on the morning of Jan. 4 to lure the birds before running them over with their car, Laurel police said.

Someone reported the animal cruelty incident to police and officers found the group of dead birds. Police discovered the suspect had bought the popcorn at the Dollar Tree before the incident.

Police on Thursday released new photos of the suspect in a store carrying a coffee cup. They believe he was driving a newer model Chevrolet Equinox with Maryland tags and a roof rack.

Police in Laurel, Maryland, are looking for this man in connection with an animal cruelty case.

PETA announced a $5,000 reward in the case at the Laurel Police Department's headquarters.

Police are asking the public for any information that will help track down the person responsible. They say anyone who witnessed anything should call 301-498-0092 or send tips to

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