Maryland Man Arrested Moments After Police Pass Out Wanted Fliers With His Photo

The man they were looking for just happened to be walking through the area police were canvassing

Police in Maryland handing out wanted fliers were in the right place at the right time Tuesday -- the man they were seeking walked right past them. 

Willbrod Frank Lukamilwa, 41, was arrested after Montgomery County Police spotted him moments after they finished passing out fliers for his arrest in a theft scheme. 

"This is extremely rare, that the guy walks right by and you can almost hand him his own wanted poster," police spokesman Officer Rick Goodale said.

Police say Lukamilwa, of Takoma Park, Maryland, scammed a would-be nursing student out of $13,500 over the course of three years.

Lukamilwa met the man at a business and falsely presented himself as the head of nursing at a hospital, according to police. He allegedly told the man he could get him into a training program at the hospital, if he paid him tuition.

The victim paid him thousands of dollars starting in 2012, police said.

Police issued a warrant for Lukamilwa's arrest in June 2015 and offered a $10,000 reward for tips on his whereabouts. 

On Tuesday, two Montgomery County officers handed out fliers with Lukamilwa's photo on them in downtown Silver Spring. The officers were driving away when the man they had been seeking for a year crossed the street right in front of them, at Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road, police said. 

One of the officers called out Lukamilwa's name from the patrol car and the suspect responded. He was arrested without incident and charged with theft. 

Information on Lukamilwa's lawyer was not available immediately.

The officer who recognized the suspect was in "utter shock" at his good luck, Goodale said. 

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