Police: Be on the Lookout for a Stolen Bunny Costume

It's the case of the missing... bunny costume.

Prince George's County Police have issued a BOLO -- a "Be on the Lookout" advisory -- for a six-foot-tall bunny suit.

Yeah, you read that right.

Officials say the gray-and-white bunny costume was stolen from a storage shed in the 4600 block of Calvert Road in College Park overnight Friday. When officers arrived at the storage shed, they discovered the suit was the only item that had been taken.

You read that right, too.

Last week, an officer with the department helped a tortoise cross the road. As they noted, they now need your help rescuing the hare. So keep your eyes peeled for the bunny costume, complete with pink ears and a pink nose.

Anyone with information on the bunny costume should call 301-699-2601.

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