Lost a Laptop at Dulles? Police May Have It

Travelers who've had precious items magically disappear into the ether when flying out of Dulles the past five years might finally get some closure.

A United Airlines employee has been arrested and charged with stealing hundreds of valuable items, including laptops, cell phones, cameras, jewelry and artwork from passengers, according to the Fairfax Times.

Police subsequently charged Maria Emilia Ramirez Rodriguez, 58, with two counts of grand larceny.

Further charges are pending against Rodriguez, who had access to the airline’s baggage service office where baggage and lost and found items are stored, said MWAA spokesperson Courtney Prebich Mickalonis.

Those who have traveled through Dulles via United Airlines from 2004 through 2009 and had items missing either from checked luggage or left behind on a plane or in the boarding area can call Airports Authority Police at (703) 572-2954.

And before you ask, no, they won't reimburse you for the money you lost on baggage fees, second-bag fees, pillow fees or blanket fees.  Nice try, though.

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