Police: Man Tried to Carjack Several Cars on Kutz Bridge After Hit-and-Run

A man has been charged after police said he tried to carjack several vehicles on the Kutz Bridge in D.C.

U.S. Park Police said the incident began about 11 a.m., when the man driving a Nissan Altima allegedly struck a bus near the Lincoln Memorial.

He drove off and made it to the Kutz Bridge in Southwest Washington, where he crashed his car on the bridge, police said. The bridge is currently down to one lane due to construction.

A group of construction workers on the bridge stepped in and tackled the man after watching him try to get into other people's cars, police said. 

"We kind of wrestled him to the ground, and then we held him there until the cops arrived," said Kyle Dill.

"They did a good job. He put everyone at risk," said Derrick Jones, a D.C. Department of Transportation worker who witnessed the incident.

Dill is a veteran who served in Afghanistan and said his military training kicked in at the time. He said he hopes the man can get the help he needs.

"He was a pretty strong guy. Very upset, incoherent. I feel bad for him. I hope that everything's OK with him," Dill said.

Witnesses said the man told them he wanted to die.

Police said the man was combative with officers who were trying to detain him, and officers used a stun gun on the man.

He has been taken to a hospital. It is not known what injuries he sustained during the confrontation with police.

The man was charged with assault on a police officer, leaving the scene of the accident and attempted carjacking.

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