Police Looking for Peeping Tom Suspect Near University of Maryland

A suspected "Peeping Tom" is wanted in College Park, Maryland, and police say the man has been creeping around a house where University of Maryland students live.

Prince George's County police released photos of the suspect on Thursday and said he has peered into windows and doors at an off-campus house on Hopkins Avenue seven different times. In one instance, the suspect walked into the home, but didn't try to speak to or interact with any of the residents before he left. The incidents started in early October.

"Now that they have a picture of him, at least the cops can get after him and find him," UMd. student Patrick Stanton said.

"These pictures are very clear so we encourage anyone who knows this individual to definitely give us a call," said Prince George's County Police Cpl. Lamar Robinson.

Police said they have no reason so far to believe the suspect is violent. But students on Hopkins Avenue said news of the suspect makes them uneasy.

"I think College Park is not always the safest area. We live in a house a couple blocks over so we just are sure to, like, lock our doors and we are cognizant of, like, who's in and out of the house and who's around the area," student Molly Glime said.

"I'm just glad to hear that they're on top of it and they're, like, actively searching for this man," student Brielle Clearfield said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the suspect's identity or who has information that could help detectives to call 301-699-2601.

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