Police Helicopter Tracks Unsuspecting Burglars on the Job

An alert crew member of a police helicopter watched from overhead as two suspects broke into cars parked at a repair shop in the middle of the night.

Prince George's County Police say the incident was reported around 3:30 a.m. Thursday morning. A crew member riding in a relatively quiet chopper patrolling Upper Marlboro noticed a car without its lights on in the area of Penn Western Court.

The chopper's night vision caught two men getting out of the car, climbing a 9-foot chainlink fence that surrounds an auto repair shop, where they proceeded to break into parked vehicles. Police say a third suspect stayed in the car during the incident.

Officers inside the helicopter alerted ground police, who quickly responded and surrounded the men.

Nico E. Williams, 23, of Queenstown, Jaguar G. Carey, 23, from Oxon Hill and Joseph T. Wilkerson, 20, from Capitol Heights are facing trespassing and other charges.

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