Police Crack Down on Dulles Access Highway “Backtracking”

Police are cracking down on drivers who skip the Dulles Toll Plaza and use the access highway illegally.

The access road running parallel to the Dulles Toll Road is supposed to be for people going to the airport.

"I follow the rules and I see most other people follow the rules, but some people don't,” Raul Woodley said.

Basically, some drivers use the airport access highway as part of their commute and avoid the tools, which help pay for the Metro Silver Line and maintenance and improvements in the Dulles Corridor.

So police launched a highly visible enforcement effort. Electronic signs alerting drivers to the enforcement were placed at key points and police, some in unmarked vehicles, pull drivers over when it becomes clear they aren’t there for the airport.

"We issued 50 violations the other day, two additional violations for reckless driving,” Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Chief Stephen Holl said. “Officers, state troopers and Virginia State Police assisted us as well."

“Backtracking” violations carry a penalty of three points on the license and fines starting at $92. The fines are paid to the county where the violation occurs.

Some drivers use a loophole: They will stop at a gas station convenience store on airport property, buy something like a cup of coffee, and use the receipt as proof they conducted airport business. MWAA police said they can't stop you from doing that.

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