PokeManners: 8 Tips for Safety and Etiquette While Playing ‘Pokemon GO'

Tips to stay safe, protect your privacy, avoid trespassing as you "catch them all"

Clearly, you want to "catch them ell." But you probably also want to stay safe and be respectful of the real world as you explore the augmented reality of "Pokemon GO."

Here's a list of etiquette and safety tips while you're on your quest:

1. This may seem obvious, but.... do not play "Pokemon GO" while driving. In a statement, AAA Mid-Atlantic is warning that distracted driving results in at least 3,000 deaths per year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And using handheld electronics while driving is illegal in Maryland, AAA Mid-Atlantic said. Prince William County Police posted on Twitter to make sure you don't crash or wander into traffic while in pursuit of Pokemon.

2. Avoid suspicious locations, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) advised. One man was targeted by armed robbers while hunting Pokemon at a gas station at 2 a.m., Missouri police said. To avoid potentially dangerous situations, make sure that people can see you if you're playing at night, and be aware of strangers, Prince William County Police said.

3. Do not trespass while playing, Prince William County Police tweeted. The BBB said one man reported that his house was listed as a "PokeStop," where players can collect free items in the game. And a sheriff's department in central Virginia linked increased reports of trespassing and suspicious activity to "Pokemon GO."

4. Be aware that the more characters you catch in Pokemon, the higher the cost is to train and store those characters, the BBB said in a statement. You can win "PokeCoins" while playing, but catching more Pokemon might mean you have to purchase some "PokeCoins" with real money. Decide ahead of time how much money -- if any -- you're willing to part with, and try to stick to that decision.

5. Don't forget that the app's GPS demands will take up a lot of your phone's data, the BBB said. If you don't monitor the app's data usage, the game will become a lot less fun when you get your phone bill.


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6. Signing into "Pokemon GO" using your Google account risks a breach in privacy if you have an iPhone, because it would give the game access to all of your Google data, the BBB said. Avoid this by creating an account in the app.

7. Be respectful of where you're playing. Do not hunt Pokemon at memorials on the National Mall where people want to reflect, the National Mall and Memorial Parks asked visitors. Museums like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are not appropriate places to try to "catch them all."

8. Remember that Pokemon characters disappear and move to different locations in the game. If that coveted Pidgey is hiding in an unsafe or inappropriate location, you can wait for it to move to more suitable hunting ground.

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