Flights Delayed Due to Bomb Threat at Dulles

A bomb threat at Dulles International Airport Monday night caused multiple flight delays, though a search found nothing suspicious.

The threat seemed to focus on two daily parking garages, and was received about 9 p.m. Police began searching the garages; a little after 11 p.m., the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority tweeted that the investigation had "negative results" and that the two garages were reopening.

Earlier, police had also searched terminals, but again, nothing was found. Passengers reported seeing bomb-sniffing dogs in terminals during the search.

By 11 p.m., all terminals were open and flights are operating normally, according to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority representative Kim Gibbs.

However, earlier Monday evening, MWAA had asked all airlines not to approach terminal gates because of a security threat, according to a United Airlines spokesperson. Several departing flights were delayed.

MWAA denied passengers' reports of being told to evacuate at least one plane.

Below, see the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority's Tweets about Monday's events.

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