Pizza with the President-Elect's Approval

Obama's favorite pizzeria makes special delivery to Washington

Washingtonians will get a chance next week to try food that will be served at the presidential inauguration, including a favorite from Barack Obama's old neighborhood.

Despite its modest storefront in a Chicago shopping center, customers of the Italian Fiesta Pizzeria say the pies are simply the best.  Those customers include the Obamas.

Chefs at the Washington Ritz-Carlton got word of Obama's love of the Chicago pizza, and decided to include it in next week's Inauguration Expo.  The expo will preview food that will be served at the Inauguration.

The pizzeria's owners will be flown to Washington to make their signature pizza.

Customers and employees say they weren't surprised to hear that Obama included Italian Fiesta among his favorites.

Rumor has it that Michelle Obama introduced her husband to the pizza, which she was given as a reward for good report cards as a child.

The pizzeria chain, which has three locations in the Chicago area, has been family-owned since it opened in the 1940s.

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