Pizza Hut Recycling Response

Original response from Pizza Hut:

"I researched the issue with our franchisee, ADF and found the following.  We have a recycling receptacle for cardboard, as well as disposal for other waste, and both are used appropriately by the restaurant.  The restaurant has not received any violations within the last two years.  Because it is in an urban center, they are challenged by other people who dispose of both their trash and recycling in the alley behind the restaurant.  The restaurant employees do their best to separate and dispose of these items, but sometimes managing the outside waste is beyond their control.

Thanks again for reaching out and giving us a chance to respond.  I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to put anyone on camera for this particular story, but you may use the above information for your story as a statement attributed to me as the spokesman for Pizza Hut."

Christopher Fuller
Director | Pizza Hut
Public Affairs | CSR

After receiving the above response, the NEWS4 I-Team went back to DPW to check on the status of the violations and found one had been dismissed.  DPW says the fines for the other six doubled because they weren’t paid.  DPW says two of those doubled fines have since been paid.

Pizza Hut then provided the following response:

"I spoke with the franchisee and they pointed out that four of the violations were from 2011, a couple were from 2010, but there were no violations this year.  Also, all of the previous violations were the result of someone else (such as residents near the restaurant) putting trash and items in their bins.  They have remedied this issue by putting locks on the trash cans, which has already been a huge help."

Chris Fuller

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