‘Pizza Intern' Seen Snarfing Slice on Live TV Gets Special Pie Named for Him

When President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen gave a full day of testimony on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, countless staffers scarfed down stand-up lunches in the hallways of Congress.

But only one hungry Georgetown student was caught in the background of a CBS News live shot annihilating a pie from D.C. mainstay &pizza — grabbing himself a slice of viral fame.

The man was dubbed Pizza Intern after Twitter user and self-described "PR and comms pro" Mike Uehlin filmed a TV showing the oh-so-classic-D.C. scene outside the Rayburn House Office Building's Oversight and Government Reform office.

Viewers were distracted from correspondent Ed O'Keefe's reporting as Pizza Intern obliviously took a huge bite.

He turned to the left, then back to the camera — eyes wide and looking straight into the lens. 

CBS released a full video of the scene, showing Pizza Intern laughing, politely covering his mouth and then agreeably being shepherded behind the reporter and out of the shot.


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That's when the internet started paying attention. Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed in, tweeting: "To be fair, the hearing yesterday went 9 hours and there‘s little/no time to eat. I did the same thing afterwards."

Hallway Pizza Guy, his other moniker, is more accurate: The Washington Post reported he isn't actually an intern, but a student who just wanted to witness history.

Either way, &pizza jumped into action over the hullaballoo, making Pizza Intern the face of their Twitter account. They're also credited with launching a GoFundMe to "buy the intern more pizza." It has raised $300. 

In honor of the chain's new hero, they even released a Hallway Pizza rife with spicy toppings including tomato, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, banana peppers. It went on sale Thursday.

News4 reached out to Hallway Pizza Guy/Pizza Intern but didn't immediately hear back.

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